This video is aimed at healthcare workers who want to know how to protect themselves and their patients against the spread of TB in healthcare facilities. We hope you find it interesting!


We created an online package that makes it easy for anyone to facilitate a ‘Are you TB Proof?’ session at their facility – have a look at our facilitator’s guide, participant worksheet and quiz that you can use! Click on the links below to download.

You can also follow this link to do an online version of the quiz that will provide immediate feedback on your answers.

Did you know that every single person featured on the ‘Are you TB Proof?’ video, from our TB infection control expert, stigma spokesperson, facilitator and people sharing their experiences had TB themselves? Even the person behind the camera who also did our video editing is a TB survivor! What links all of them together? A willingness to share their stories, break the silence and the stigma associated with TB! Help us make their stories heard.

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