Online Reports

Online Reports

* 2013/03          U.S. Government Report on International Foreign Assistance in TB – USAID report by Cheri Vincent (Chief, Infectious Diseases Division): DvD, AvD & PB. 2013 edition pending:

2010 report:


2013/01/23        Voice of America by Anita Powell (recorded 2013/01/21). DvD & HC:


2013/01/09        MSF SA Press Release by Kate Ribet – Dr Eric Goemaere, DvD & HC. Published by:

TB Online:


Christian AIDS Bureau of Southern Africa (CABSA):



2013/01/08        Business Day by Tamar Kahn – HC, Mandisa Hela, Francesca Conradie & Nathan Geffen:


2013/12/19        STOP TB USA report by David Bryden – DvD:


2012/12/14        Health-e by Anso Tom – Paul Willcox & DvD:


2012/11/28        TAG Statement on Bedaquiline to the FDA by Mark Harrington:


2012/11/30        Science Speaks Blog by Antigone Barton – DvD:


2012/11/07        Grocotts Mail by David Dludla – BW:


2012/07/24        Business Day by Tamar Kahn – Andreas Diacon:


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