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Television / Film



*2013                Aeras mini-series: Innovation in the global fight against TB by Robert Johnson and Jonathan Smith – DvD & AvD interview filmed on 2012/01/16: release date pending


2013/01/22, Sunrise (One of only four free South African Television Broadcasters), Breakthrough drug that treats TB – in person interviews with DvD & HC


2013/01/22        eNews Channel Africa, News Night: Doctors Without Borders calls for approval of bedaquiline – live in-studio interview with Dr Jennifer Hughes/MSF:


2013/01/21-22    eNews Channel Africa (DStv 403 and Sky 517) – Breakthrough drug that treats TB by Paula Chowles – featuring in person interviews with DvD & HC.

News Night: 2013/01/21 and repeated on 22 JAN

News Live: 2013/01/22 – repeated five times

Morning News: 2013/01/21


2013/01/21        “Kyknet” News (Afrikaans DStv Channel), Doctors without Borders has called for the approval of new treatments for TB, by Paula Chowles – DVD & HC. Repeated twice:

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